Welcome to Sardines Class News.

We are a reception class.


Our Teacher is Mrs Baker and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Kimmitt.

Our Early Years Lead is Miss Isted.

Sardines News


29th June 2018

Reminder: Transition afternoons next week are Wednesday and Thursday.

Please bring in your white t-shirt by the 6th July to create a keep-sake.

This week Minnows and Sardines enjoyed many trips to our new sensory garden. We enjoyed the new scents and sounds. We listened for the birds and we saw lots of Mummy birds feeding their babies. The children enjoyed the relaxing shade in this very hot weather. (Please do remember to send your children in with a sunhat, a water bottle and apply sun cream before they come to school too).

This week we continued our Under the Sea topic. We read Hooray for Fish and then we innovated it with our own fish. We also followed our interests and built junk model boats; we tested them in the paddling pool! Which ones sunk and why?

Next week we will be reading The Singing Mermaid by Julia Donaldson to carry on with our sea adventures. Where will our learning take us next?

Please keep adding to your Learning Journeys on Eexat. We love to look at your home experiences as a class! Any problems with logging in please speak to a member of the Reception Team.


Week ending 22nd June 2018

The past couple of weeks we have been learning all about Under the Sea. We have explored lots of fishy facts, the children have written facts and made ‘Who am I?’ posters. We have loved watching Blue Planet II clips!

Today we celebrated Save the Children Den Day. Thank you for your support and contributions to a very worthy cause.  We raised £65.

Next week we are going to explore the imaginary world of the ocean; we will read Hooray for Fish by Lucy Cousins. The children will be revising number facts. Please continue to use maths in everyday situations with your children to make it meaningful and on-going. For example, making cakes; measuring and weighing the ingredients, sharing the cakes. Or going to the shop and letting your child count the coins.

We are already preparing for sports day in our P.E sessions on a Tuesday. Please make sure your child has a fully named kit.  Sports day will be on the 11th July in the morning.

 We are also spending lots of time with the current Year 1’s, visiting their classrooms on a Thursday afternoon. Thank you for filling in the form enclosed with the transition toys; this helps us address any worries and concerns.



8th June 2018

We thought all about sun safety this week. The children came up with lots of ideas about wearing sun cream, putting on sunhats, keeping in the shade and drinking lots of water. The children designed posters with a slogan. Please remember to put sun cream on your children before they come to school, and make sure they are equipped with a sun hat and a bottle of water as the weather gets hotter.

Over the holidays our class butterflies were sent home with some of the children. They were taken very good care of and were released as soon as they had hatched from their chrysalis. The children loved learning about and looking after the caterpillars. 


Term 6

Welcome back Minnows and Sardines! We have a very busy term ahead of us. We will be getting year 1 ready. It is the big push this term, so keep up that amazing reading, writing and counting at home. Can you name all of your 3D shapes?

This week we are learning about capacity in maths. Maybe you could make a juice cocktail at home, or a magical potion! We are learning about keeping safe in the sun, and designing summer posters.

If anyone has any toys or spare uniform they would like to donate to Minnows and Sardines we would be very grateful.

25th May 2018

Well done on all your hard work in term 5! We are very proud to be your teachers.

Sharing assembly photo to follow

Next term will be all about getting you year 1 ready! We will be really practising your independant writing, reading and maths. In your bookbags are lots of things for you to practise over the holidays, and there will be rewards for your efforts. 

Minnows will have the first session for P.E in term 6 and will be getting changed, and Sardines will have the 2nd session. Please ensure all uniform and P.E kit is named clearly.

Thank you for all your efforts, and here's to term 6!

11th May 2018

Reminder *Our sharing assembly is on Friday 18th May*

Minnows and Sardines enjoyed their visit to the Farmer's Market. Each group were given £1 to spend and shared their goodies back at school, including bread and marmalade. Leo's lovely Mummy kindly took the eggs home and made cakes with Leo for the children. Customers at the market commented how well behaved and polite the children were. What a credit they are to Rye Primary. 

We enjoyed planting some flowers this week in our donated plant trays, they do make our outside area look colourful!

Next week we will be observing our new caterpillar friends, talking about their life cycles and looking at change. In maths we will be practising our Days of the Week to go with the Hungry Caterpillar story.

4th May 2018

*Our sharing assembly is on Friday 18th May*

Happy bank holiday weekend everyone! We have had a super busy week, it started off with a very exciting visit from the Romney Marsh morris dancers. They spoke to us about celebrating May Day, showed us various kinds of Morris dancing and even taught us some moves. We loved it as some of us had never experienced it before!

This week we have been learning about sharing. We did some sharing with playdough and had teddy bear picnics using cubes (or whatever we could find in the classroom really!) We ended the week with data handling, and we made tally charts for our favourite book so far this term, and then made that into a bar graph as a class.

We also practised some of our number formations using our number rhymes. 

'Straight line down and then you're done. Number 1 is fun!'

'Half a heart will never do, add a line, make a 2'

'Around the tree, around the tree, thats the way to make a 3'

'Down and across, down some more, thats the way to make a 4'

'First of all, make 5's back, add a tummy and then his hat'

'Make a C then in you go, now you have a 6 you know'

'Across the sky and down from heaven, that's the way we make a 7'

'Make a S and shut the gate, thats the way we make a 8'

'Make a loop and then a line, thats the way we make a 9'


We ended our busy week with the Reading Café. We were so pleased that to many grown-ups came along, armed with stories and picnic blankets. Thank you, we had a lovely time.


Next week we are off on a little walk to the farmer's market on Wednesday morning. We will be continuing our Data Handling maths - you could have a go on the Purple Mash website at home! (Your Log Ins were sent home - please ask if you need another). We will be doing some non-fiction reading and writing about farms.

Love The Reception Team xx

27th April 2018

It’s the second week after the Easter holidays and we are back into the swing of things!

We have been continuing our farm learning with… What the Ladybird Heard Next! We have been writing captions for various scenes from the book. Can you write a caption at home to go with a picture from your favourite story? Don’t forget to have a go at spelling those tricky words! Next week we will read What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday.



In maths we have moved on from doubling and this week we practised halving. We halved fruits, objects and even pizza toppings! Next week we will be looking at sharing amounts.  Maybe you could practise sharing equally at home with food or toys.



Sardines are changing for P.E this term and Minnows will be staying in uniform as our timetable has switched again.


The children are practising team sports in preparation for Sports Day in term 6, and have been allocated their colour teams! (These photos are from last week when we had a heat wave!)

We have also been getting a bit green fingered in Reception, planting beans to stick on the window! Next week we are hoping that the weather will warm up again so we can plant some sunflowers from the seeds from Mrs Mewburn’s garden.


Just to remind you that our reading café will be on Friday 4th May, and our sharing assembly will be on Friday 18th May. The weather has returned back to April showers, and is a bit chilly at times. Please make sure your child comes in with at least a jumper on.

Have a lovely weekend, and thank you for your plant pots and seed donations.

The Reception Team x


20th April 2018

Welcome back!

Thank you for all the baby photos we have received so far, we are making a ‘guess who?’ display which the children are enjoying. We also have set up a baby clinic too.

Picnic-themed Reading Café

Our next reading café takes place on Friday 4th May; we will have a writing focus to begin with. Then we would like to have a picnic theme so children can bring a teddy that day. We do not have enough blankets so please can you bring a blanket with you so we can create a picnic atmosphere. If your child has a favourite book at home it would be great to bring that too.

In maths we have been learning to double. The children know if you add the same number together it means doubling a number. They have been doubling spots on ladybirds.


We hope you have been trying the home learning which was sent home. Next week we will focus on halving and will send another learning activity sheet home.

Our text has been

‘What the ladybird heard’ by Julia Donaldson

The children have been writing their own speech bubbles with their own cunning plans. We definitely have some Julia Donaldson’s in the making.


Next week we will be learning about

‘What the ladybird heard next’ by Julia Donaldson

Have a great weekend.

Week ending 23rd March

The weather is getting warmer! Minnows and Sardines have had a busy first week of Spring. Our trip to the Heritage Museum allowed us to see the amazing Rye Town Model, hear some stories and have a go with the Penny Machines. We had a sunny walk into the town, and we saw lots of signs of spring such as daffodils, blossom and lots of ducks! Thank you so much to the adults who came to help us.



This week we finished off our Dinosaur topic, Dino-Dan has had a great time visiting some of your houses! We also had a pre-historic creature come and visit us – meet 110 year old Fred (who is actually a girl).


Next week we will continue to explore Spring and Easter! We will be reading the Easter story and doing lots of lovely spring crafts. If you have any spring stories to bring in, we would love to read them.

Please keep practising those phase 3 sounds and tricky words, we really want to start using them in our writing! If you see any signs of spring when you are out and about, don’t forget to ask your grown –up to take a photo of you for your learning journey. (Please tell your teachers if you have lost the log in).

The clocks go forward on Sunday, so make sure you have a lie-in so you don’t miss out on any sleep. We need alert and ready-to-learn Minnows and Sardines.

Happy weekend xx

Week ending 16th March 2018

Our learning on Dinosaurs has been a massive hit this term. The children have discovered lots of facts about different dinosaurs and they have learnt the meaning of new words such as ‘extinct’, ‘herbivores’ and ‘carnivores’.

We even had ‘dinosaur eggs’ which the children investigated with magnifying glasses to spot any ‘movement’.

Thank you for supporting the home/school Dino Dan with his diary. The children will continue to bring Dan home until everyone has had a turn. Some of the diary entries have been incredible. When Archie met Dino Dan he even met his Nanny’s tortoise and shared his tea. 


The children have loved sharing their talk for writing innovated story ‘We’re Going on a Dino-Hunt’ by changing ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ they enjoyed becoming authors and changing the familiar story into their own.

They have also stepped into time machines to go on a ‘Dino-Tour’ I’m sure they have been singing this at home.

The children recreated Dinosaur’s skeletons by piecing them altogether again.

Riley brought in his excavated dinosaur skeleton.

They used shapes to copy or create their own dinosaurs.


This week we are moving onto The Stone Age-moving a little forward in time-we will introduce this with ‘Cave Baby’ by Julia Donaldson. The children will have a go at cave drawings/paintings.


Week ending 9th March

Wow what a busy couple of weeks it has been! We had so much fun in the snow, it was the first time some of us had properly seen it. We went sledging and made snowmen. When we came back to school we used lots of lovely language to describe our snowy experiences.


This week we have been learning about Dinosaurs. The children have been really engaged, playing with the dinosaur toys and creating their own lands from a forgotten time. Dino-Dan has started to visit our homes, he has had a great time so far and has even enjoyed a fish finger sandwich.


 The children came to school dressed as their favourite characters!  We had a parade to show off our wonderful outfits. We enjoyed lots of book related activities and heard so many stories throughout the day.


Even our teachers dressed up!

Healthy Eating

We also had a Healthy Eating workshop yesterday. Two lovely ladies came in and spoke to us about eating healthily to build up our strength. We travelled around the world gathering fruit and vegetables and healthy food for our plates. We even travelled as far as China to get the rice!



Please keep practising phase 3 sounds and tricky words as we will continue to go over these until we really know them. Please also practise recognising and writing numbers to 20 and beyond, working out one more and one less and combing groups of objects together. Can you write a number sentence?

We are always excited to see any learning you do at home, so please bring it in or ask a member of your family to upload a photo and comment to your Eexat online learning journey.

Dinosaurs will continue next week, if you have any related stories we would love to read them to the class.

Happy weekend xx

P.S Mrs Baker and Miss Dicker are organising a trip to the Rye Town Model on the 20th March, letter to follow! Let us know if anyone would like to volunteer to help. Thank you!

Happy Snow Day Minnows and Sardines!

Who is up for a home learning challenge?

Miss Dicker and Mrs Baker are challenging everyone to send them a picture of your snow experiences! (‘Do you wanna build a snowman?’)  Please email them to bdicker@ryeprimary.co.uk or cbaker@ryeprimary.co.uk with a quote about what you got up to and how much fun you have had. We can add these to your learning journeys and we can share all the photos together during carpet time. We are so looking forward to receiving them. 

Stay safe on the ice! Love the Reception team :)

23rd February 2018

The children have all settled back happily after half term, all ready and eager to learn :-)

Thank you for supporting our first ever reading café, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

The children have loved exploring ‘The Chinese New Year’ learning that the zodiac years are named after different animals and the story behind this.

Archie was interested in the Chinese Zodiac calendar

Matilda made her own calendar on a scroll.

They have practised their skills using chopsticks with pretend noodles…

Then on the real thing-tasting Chinese foods…we were surprised by how much the children enjoyed them, their talent using chopsticks also amazed us. 


The children have been writing their names and numbers using Chinese symbols…


Making Chinese lanterns

And Chinese dragons 


Next week we will be stepping back in time and exploring dinosaurs. This interest has come up a few times on superstar stories as well as during discussions and observations.

If you have any stories or information books about dinosaurs you would like to share please send them in. (Please name inside the books.) Thank you.

Week ending 2nd February

This week the children have been wishing on a star after exploring Oliver Jeffer’s story-How to Catch a Star.

They have also been problem solving how they would catch a star, like the boy did in the story. Some of their ideas were brilliant, using bungees, trampolines, helicopters, jet packs-EVERY child came up with a plan.


They are learning how to add and subtract too, they have been writing number sentences independently.

Next week we are going to look at the traditions of Shrove Tuesday as it falls during half term.

It is great to explore different traditions within our culture and others. The first week back we will be discovering more about the Chinese New Year.

As well as Valentine’s Day. 

It is great to explore different traditions within our culture and others. The first week back we will be discovering more about the Chinese New Year.

Next week we will be having meetings with you all to discuss your child’s progress and attitude to learning. Please sign up and if you have any problems not making the days/times please let us know as we will always try to help you.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Week ending 26th January

The children have been reading the story of Whatever Next this week. We have had a lovely time practising our Talk for Writing, and we even performed it to the Nursery children.

The children really enjoyed writing invitations to their teddies, and we enjoyed jam sandwhiches and biscuits as part of our picnic on Friday.


Next week we will continue with space, we are going to be reading How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers.

We have learnt so much already and we can’t wait to see where our learning story takes us, whatever next!

Next week we will be continuing with our phase 3 digraphs, or, ur, ow and oi. Please keep practising those tricky words, remember you can’t sound them out, you just gotta’ learn them!

The children have been amazing with writing their addition number sentences, they have enjoyed combining groups of objects. We will challenge them next week by writing some subtraction number sentences.

This term we have been so lucky to spend some time with Ms Shackel, the children have had a wonderful time getting involved with the messy play. Such lovely opportunities we have at Rye Primary!


Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to hearing your weekend news on Monday.

Week ending 19th January

The children have been arriving into class from the hall entrance very settled and happy so thank you for your cooperation with this.

The children have been learning their digraphs well and enthusiastically. 2 digraph photos…

Space invaders here we go… 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1-BLAST OFF!

Space was an interest a few children had mentioned on their superstar stories and wow-what a start we have made in exploring the solar system…

Here are some of the activities we have completed this week-truly amazing. The children have been also colour mixing to create their own planets, they have been writing facts about planets. Please ask your child to tell you some…you won’t believe their new learning and knowledge.

Challenging space puzzles...

Counting rockets...

Small world role play-the children even made their own moon rock.

Making our own rockets…blast off!

Space computer programs-Claire said all her rockets had gone far away to planet earth.

The children created their own numbered rockets too, some were able to write and order their numbers to 20-WOW! And even more impressively chose coloured squares to make a pattern-impressive!


Next week we will be imagining life on the moon…

‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy will be our focused story, we are planning for the chn to invite their teddies in for a picnic, they will send an invitation to their teddy bears, ready for Friday!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Week ending 12th January

Happy Friday Minnows and Sardines! What a busy week we have had. We have been reading Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers, and looking at all sorts of polar animals. Mrs Kimmitt made some amazing soap snow which we enjoyed getting messy with! We also had some fun with some ice.



This week we have learnt qu, sh, ch, th whilst practising our other phase 2 and 3 sounds. Lots of our children are getting so clever at recognising the tricky words too! Next week we will look at ng, ai, ee, igh. We have also been practising ordering numbers to 20 and writing them. We used shaving foam on the wall outside and practised them using the rhymes, you can do this too!

Next week is a space themed week, we will be reading Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers. We would love to do lots of junk modelling, so if you have any recycling we could use please bring it in!

If you have any spacey themed stories you would like to share please don’t hesitate!

Have a fabulous icy weekend xxx

5th January 2018

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year.

We hope you have received our termly newsletter. Snuggle Buggle will not be taking place every week; however we will be having a termly ‘reading café’ (details have been explained in the letter sent out.) Minnows and Sardines will be setting up some opportunities where you will be invited to share some current learning, including phonic teaching and sharing our ‘talk for writing’ stories. Details of these will follow…

The children have returned happily and enthusiastically, it is such a delight to see their love of learning. They have been revising shapes this week, exploring seasons, in particular winter and making some new year’s resolutions. We are always keen for the children to consider ways they can extend and ‘grow their brains’.


Next week will be sharing the story called ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. It links with winter, the South Pole and polar animals. We will be working on number; recognising and ordering numbers 1-20. We will also reinforce one more and one less than a given number. We will begin our phase 3 learning, please use the packs we sent home to reinforce this learning.

15th December 2017

What a busy week! Minnows and Sardines have been in full Christmas flow!


We have been making lots of Christmas crafts and spreading glitter far and wide. We have had lots of fun making hats for our Christmas dinner on Wednesday.  We even had a visit from Father Christmas himself, the children were so lucky to receive a gift each from him.


We had some Minnow’s parents came in to talk to us about how Christmas is celebrated where they come from. We learnt that Father Christmas arrives very early on in December and leaves delicious treats in boots left on the window sill in Slovakia and Hungary.

We were so proud of the children in their Christmas performance. What a lovely end to our Christmas term.

Only 3 days left until the Christmas holidays, have a relaxing and magical time off! Maybe you could share some Christmas stories, or count how many mince pies are left after Father Christmas has been?

Looking forward to seeing you in the New Year  on the 3rd January!


Friday 1st December 2017

It has been a special week this week! Minnows and Sardines shared their learning with the rest of the school during their class assembly. We demonstrated our talk for writing which was the story of Dear Zoo, and we showed the other children how we grow our muscles for writing using big movements.

The children have really enjoyed reading the Gruffalo this week (it came up in lots of superstar stories). We made Gruffalo’s out of playdough!




We have been practising our numbers this week. We have been counting to 20, ordering them, and our grown up’s have been tricking us by muddling them all up to see if we really know which one is which.

Keep practising your number recognition and counting at home – those teen numbers are tricky!


Next week we will continue to focus on number, and we will be learning the song ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’.

We will be learning j,v,w,x and going back over all the sounds we have learnt so far in phase 2. Keep practising your sounds, and most importantly practise blending them together to make words! Please see any of the Minnows or Sardines adults if you need any phonics advice.


Friday 24th November 2017

It has been road safety awareness week and this fitted in brilliantly with our amazing donation from The Rotary Club, we have been presented with 25 Rye Primary High Visibility jackets for our youngest pupils for when we explore the outside world on trips and excursions.

Even Mrs Baker’s dog has been keeping safe during evening walks. :-)

The children are loving the role play school, some wonderful teachers in the making.
We have had a great time learning about Noah’s Ark story. The children have shown great team spirit when building a range of arks in our outdoor area. They have been writing lists to say what they would take on an ark or which animals they would like to save. They are beginning to put their phonic learning into good use. Rainbows were independently painted using cotton buds.

They have been describing and ordering by size and weight, challenging themselves to think of different words to describe size. They used the large scale balances outside to experiment with weight.


Next week’s sounds are b, f, ff, l ll and ss. Our number focus is counting to 20, back from 10 and ordering the numbers. Please use the number cards we gave you to have a go at recognising and ordering numbers. We will teach your child some number formation rhymes to support writing numbers to 10. Your child will be given a formation sheet to get a head’s start. The Gruffalo will be our week’s text as the superstar stories have shown it is a popular story.

Friday 17th November 2017

The Minnows and Sardines have been very busy this week! Mrs Baker and Miss Dicker were away on Monday and Tuesday to do some learning themselves, meanwhile Minnows and Sardines had lots of fun making musical instruments with Miss Isted, Mrs Mewburn and Mrs Kimmitt!


We also had a special visit from Robyn’s mummy – we met two three-legged tortoises!


We have been continuing our learning on Zoo animals. We have been practising our Talk for Writing and we have innovated the story with our own ideas!

The children have had lots of fun coming up with the actions to go with the story! Talk for Writing is a great way to learn stories through story maps and actions.

Our reading teddies have been hearing lots of stories and they can’t wait to come for sleepovers at your houses! Please keep filling in your greedy readers, we love to see what you’ve been reading.

Next week the sounds in phonics will be phase 2 set 4, ck, e, u, r. Please use your sound mats that we gave you at home to reinforce the phonic learning. Thank you very much.

The children have been learning about positional language and patterns this week in maths, can you make friendship bracelets with a pattern? Or collage a zoo animal with a pattern! We would love to see examples of your home learning.

We had our photo day this week, its really important that we are Rye Smart every day and that we have all the correct uniform on, labelled with our names.

Keep bring in those stories – we love sharing your books from home! And please remember not to bring in toys unless we have a special toy day. We have lots of lovely toys at school to share so it’s best to keep yours snuggled up at home.

Have a fantastic chilly November weekend xxx

Friday 10th November 2017

The Minnows and Sardines all made their own poppies and created a class wreath to show their respect for Remembrance Day. They also were able to observe a two minutes silence at 11 am (not easy for 4 and 5 year olds) but they did it! 

We have had such an exciting week learning about zoo animals.

We are learning the story ‘Dear Zoo’ by Rod Campbell ‘talk for writing’ style (which is a whole school approach to support the love of reading, writing and appreciation for a range of vocabulary). The children have been incredible learning the words and actions. When you reading at home ask your child where the title is on the book and where do you find the blurb-two new words we have been learning to support reading. Hopefully they can tell you and explain what both are.

PLEASE PLEASE fill in your greedy readers and promote the love of reading at home, as we do daily at school. We will be having a special ‘reading teddy’ in each class from next week and if your child shows an interest in reading to the teddy they may bring him home for a sleepover and more reading... 

Next week the sounds in phonics will be g,o,c,k,ck and tricky words will be I, to, into, go, the and no. Please use your sound mats that we gave you at home to reinforce the phonic learning. Thank you very much.

The children have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. They have been enjoying finding shapes around the school.

Please can you hunt around your homes for shapes. New vocabulary has been curved, edges, faces and points. The shapes below have been our focus over the last two weeks, please see how many your child can name, describe and find…

The children have been growing their muscles to feel stronger and ready to write by waving ribbons and pretend sparklers. The threading of cheerio necklaces was fun as well as supporting fine motor skills…as did pegging the washing on the mini-line, this also supported number recognition and ordering.



Enjoy the Rye Bonfire celebrations…have fun and keep safe (your child has learnt a poem available online called ‘Firework Party the best by far’…they’ll love sharing it with you…

REMINDER-school photographs next week

Week commencing 30th October

What a super start to a new term! Minnows and Sardines have loved sharing their amazing half term experiences with us. It’s wonderful to see how far they have come since starting school. Thank you so much for attending parent’s consultations, it’s so valuable for us to hear your views and is really lovely to hear how much your children are enjoying reception.

The children have loved talking about Halloween this week. We scooped out a giant pumpkin… and then we painted it!


We have also been enjoying talking about firework night. We have been so arty in Minnows and Sardines, creating fireworks using chalk, paint, glitter and we even had our own sparklers to practise our phonics with! This week we learnt s, a, t, and p. Next week we will be learning i, n, m and d, and starting to look at high frequency words: is, it, in, at, and, to, the, I, no. Please practise your sounds if you have time at home! (Lots of resources on Phonicsplay.co.uk)

We also had our first P.E lesson of the term this week. We had lots of fun and we were surprisingly quick at changing. We did notice lots of us didn’t have names in all of our things (including tie!) so please would you name everything- even initials with a sharpie is useful.

Next week we are going to be looking at Zoo animals in our learning – in the superstar stories that came back we noticed that lots of children are really interested in this topic. If you have any good Zoo books or toys you would like to bring in to share, don’t hesitate!


Have an amazing bonfire weekend, stay safe and warm.

Week commencing 16th October

Wow what a busy term we have had. The children have settled brilliantly and seem very happy in their learning. They are also becoming more confident and independent. Thank you for all the support you have shown, our partnership with you is extremely valued and appreciated, it also benefits your child.

The children are keen to help each other now and have formed some lovely new friendships…

Becoming more creative-look at these happy hanging bats…

This week the children have been exploring the Hindu festival of Diwali and have been creating clay diva lamps, creating mendhi patterns as well as learning about the festival.




After term we will be starting phase 2 phonics, we hope you found the phonic workshop useful and the resources we have given to you. Please try to sound out simple words to your children to develop their blending skills. Phonicsplay is a useful website too.

We will look forward to seeing you all on Monday 30th October. Have a happy half term break.

Week ending 13th October 2017

We are having a lovely week with the Minnows and Sardines!

We have been looking at lots of process art. We enjoyed squishing and smashing autumn treasures onto material. We also did some mixing and made our own mud paint!

We have been reading lots of stories and enjoying mark making in the air, on the floor and outside.

On Tuesday 17th October is Miss Isted’s phonics workshop – please let her know if you are interested in attending as it will be very valuable.

Next Friday 20th October is wear it pink day! So the children can come in wearing something pink for a small charity donation.

Please send your child in with a named coat and drink bottle with water 

 Activity for the weekend – can you hear any Autumn sounds outside? Or can you make an Autumn picture?

Have a great weekend Marvellous Minnows and Super Sardines, see you on Monday.


Week ending 6th October 2017

We have had a great week with your lovely children. They are adjusting to the routines of the day really well. Class photos should be in the Observer newspaper this week.

We have been exploring autumn this week. 



The children loved throwing the leaves in the air and spotting pumpkins growing in the allotments.

We have been reading some traditional tales. If your child has a favourite story please send them in as we will enjoy reading them.

The children have loved the ‘ice cream’ making too.

Please send your child in with a coat as the weather is very changeable and ensure your child’s belongings are named, they are still working on looking after their own things and it is extremely difficult to track down lost unnamed items. Thank you.

Game for the weekend-can you play eye-spy, hearing first sounds in words.

Have a great weekend, see you on Monday. 

Week ending 29th September 2017

Welcome to all the new parents and children at Rye Primary. Thank you very much for allowing us to visit your child at home, the visits were so beneficial. Thank you also for putting the balloon outside your homes to make the visit even more special.

We felt privileged to spend time getting to know each child as well as meeting new babies, sharing favourite toys and favourite books.


The children have made a positive start in Sardines and Minnows. They have settled well and they are beginning to appreciate the routines of school, including attending assembly and having lunch. Thank you for your cooperation at dropping your child at the door, this develops great independence and ensures our safeguarding. A BIG thank you too as we have had NO ‘lates’ between the classes, thank you for getting your child to school on time, this also supports a settled beginning to each day. 

Please ensure your child’s clothing (especially jumpers and coats) are named - we have had quite a few unnamed ones. Your child may bring a water bottle into school (squash is not allowed) please make sure they are named. We do have cups and water available if bottles are not brought in but the option is there.


Once again thank you for helping to make the first week a positive one, we will look forward to exciting times ahead…

Sardines Class of 2017

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