We welcomed Andrea and Mark from Morgan Sindall, the building contractors, into assembly today. Andrea will be overseeing the safety aspects of the new build, making sure that fences are erected to keep everyone out and that all possible safety precautions are put in place, while Mark will ensure that the dimensions etc. of the building are correct and it is on track.

Andrea explained the dangers of working on a building site, and therefore the importance of children keeping well away at all times. We have a few sets of safety clothing, hi-vis jackets, safety hard hats, safety gloves and safety glasses which they have left for children to try on.

Morgan Sindall will be installing windows in the fencing and corridors so that children can look through and watch the building take shape. We are very excited about the project and will keep you updated.

We also have a few budding builders among our children, as we found out when Andrea asked "Who would like to be a builder when they grow up?!"