This morning we welcomed Lisa, Livvie and Rose from Rye Retreat to our assembly when they came in to talk to the children about WaterAid.

After watching a short film, Lisa explained what WaterAid is and how it has helped so many children around the world. For example Linah from Madagascar, who said that collecting water had been the toughest task she had to deal with, however, since WaterAid installed a pump at the back of their house, it is now the easiest task.

There are still hundreds of children who have to walk up to 10 miles morning and evening to collect fresh water, that equates to 35 times around a football pitch! If they don't go to get fresh water, they will just get sicker and sicker and may even die. Poppy, Greta, Rocky, Oliver and Mitchel were selected carry a bucket weighing the same as a bucket of water around the hall during the rest of the assembly.

Lisa then explained that when £15.00 has been raised it covers the cost for one child to have safe water. £30.00 will fund a toilet for a whole family and £50.00 a hand pump for clean water. Minnows and Sardines children were very pleased to learn that the money they raised from their collection outside the front door last week will fund a pump!

Lisa, Livvie and Rose then went into the Reception classes to work with the children on pictures of the weather and raindrops. These will be exhibited at a 'pop-up gallery' in Rye Retreat during the week commencing 24th April leading up to their cake sale on Saturday 29th April. Please pop into the salon to see the children's artwork during that week - for further information please ring the Rye Retreat on 01797 222211.