Admissions to the school

If you are moving to the area and have children who are already of school age and if there is room in the required year group, we would normally be able to offer your child a place.  However, if we are unable to offer you a place, you will need to contact Admissions at County Hall  0300 330 9472.

Admissions to Rye Community Primary School, for children aged 4 are organised by East Sussex County Council. Information about how places are allocated can be found on the Admissions pages of the website provided by East Sussex County Council East Sussex County Council Admissions If you have any concerns or queries then please contact Sue Ball in the school office on 01797 222 825.

All Reception children entering school at the age of 4 in September 2017 will attend school full time.

The induction programmes for all Reception children and their parents takes place in the summer term prior to starting school. Children will have the opportunity to visit the school on a number of occasions to meet their teachers and mix with the other children who will be in their class. Parents will have the opportunity to find out much more about Rye Community Primary and how we provide for the children. There will also be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and meet many of the people who will be responsible for various aspects of your child's education or development. 


Rye Community Primary School meets the Local Authority criteria for admitting children younger than "Rising Fives" on the following basis:

Children whose fifth birthday falls between September 1st - August 31st begin school in September full time. They will not be entitled to begin school in the previous term, thus transcending their proper school year. Children need not start school until the term after they are five years old. However, if this is the case, the child would be admitted to their age related Year group.

Children starting school need to be registered by 15th January of the preceding academic year and places will be offered to children following the criteria set out in the Admissions Policy, available from school.

Equal Opportunities and Inclusion

Rye Community Primary School positively promote equal opportunities throughout the school to ensure that children develop a healthy respect for others regardless of race, creed, religious beliefs or physical or mental disability. We also ensure equal access for all children to curricular and extra curricular activities.

Transfer to Secondary

In September following their eleventh birthday children transfer to secondary school. It is a government requirement that children are registered to a school by 1st March each year. Parents with children approaching Year 6 should contact the local secondary school directly to register their child with them well in advance. Our local secondary school is Rye College

Accessibility Policy Statement

Rye Community Primary School, including Pugwash Nursery, are conscious of the fact that it is the role of the school to be aware of the wide needs of all user groups. Our Accessiblilty Plan is reviewed annually. Currently the whole of the school has wheelchair access with a disabled toilet being situated in the main foyer area, along with accessible disabled toilets throughout the school. There is a multi-level changing bed on ground floor level.

Complaints Procedure

If at any time you have a concern about any aspect of your child's education, please do not hesitate to discuss it at the earliest opportunity with your child's class teacher and/or Acting Headteacher Miss Kelly Martin, as appropriate. We are able to resolve the great majority of problems this way.

There is, however, a policy document in school, detailing the procedure for dealing with written complaints, which may be seen on request.

 Admissions Policy 

 Accessibility Plan 

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